Areas of Research

  • Dr. habil. Christian Hering-Junghans
    Inorganic Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Edelmann (Emeriti)
    Organometallic complexes and rare earth chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Julian Thiele
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Schinzer
    Natural product and drug synthesis
  • apl. Prof. Dr. Edgar Haak
    Transition metal catalysts and natural product and drug systhesis

Prof. Dr. Franziska Scheffler

Development, modification and characterization of functional materials and coatings for adsorption, catalysis and energy applications

Prof. Dr. Helmut Weiß

Structure and dynamics of pure and adsorbate-covered insulator single crystal surfaces

Prof. Dr. Heike Walles

We develop 3-dimensional human tissue for biomedical research.

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